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Size: 19.58 Mb
Duration: 00:41:46
Genre: Podcast
Bitrate: 64

 File:  twt20080508-Peter Mika.mp3
 Song:  Peter Mika talks about Yahoo! Research, SearchMonkey, and the Semantic Technology Conference
 Artist:  Peter Mika and Paul Miller
 Album:  Semantically Speaking

Size: 4.32 Mb
Duration: 00:03:41
Genre: R&B
Bitrate: 160000

 File:  ChiLites - PeaceGod.mp3
 Song:  There Will Never Be Any Peace (Until God Is Seated At The Conference Table
 Artist:  The Chi-Lites
 Album:  Chi-Lites

Size: 109.23 Mb
Duration: 01:56:31
Genre: Other
Bitrate: 128000

 File:  call20081019.mp3
 Song:  Sunda Afternoon Conference
 Artist:  Denny Huff
 Album:  MCB

Size: 20.11 Mb
Duration: 00:21:27
Genre: Blues
Bitrate: 128000

 File:  ES Bali Flop.mp3
 Song:  Bali Climate Conference Fails
 Artist:  Radio Ecoshock

Size: 56.95 Mb
Duration: 01:00:45
Genre: Podcast
Bitrate: 128000

 File:  djjarreta - Episode 3 - Live @ South Beach at the Winter Music Conference.mp3
 Song:  Episode 3 - Live @ South Beach at the Winter Music Conference
 Artist:  djjarreta

Size: 5.79 Mb
Duration: 00:08:14
Genre: Blues
Bitrate: 96

 File:  awards-Day3.mp3
 Song:  Day 3 - Awards presentation
 Artist:  Rational Software Development Conference

Size: 3.95 Mb
Duration: 00:04:13
Genre: Alternative & Punk
Bitrate: 128000

 File:  Eastern Conference Champions - The Box.mp3
 Song:  The Box
 Artist:  Eastern Conference Champions
 Album:  Home Away EP

Size: 2.33 Mb
Duration: 00:19:55
Genre: Speech
Bitrate: 16000

 File:  stones.mp3
 Song:  Rolling Stones Press Conference
 Artist:  Rolling Stones

Size: 1.54 Mb
Duration: 00:03:17
Bitrate: 64000

 File:  20071214 Bali.mp3
 Song:  Bali Climate Change Conference Ends with Deal
 Artist:  Aura Bogado

Size: 3.63 Mb
Duration: 00:03:52
Bitrate: 128000

 File:  Rise Up! - 2004 Conference Theme Song.mp3

Size: 4.47 Mb
Duration: 00:04:46
Bitrate: 128 Kbps

 File:  sean payton post game press Conference .mp3
 Song:  wwl.radiotown.com/audio/saints gameday/sean payton post game press Conference .mp3

Size: 6.31 Mb
Duration: 00:53:49
Genre: Podcast
Bitrate: 16

 File:  bring home now tour 16kbpsm.mp3
 Song:  bring home now tour 16kpbsm
 Artist:  Bring Them Home Now Tour Press Conference
 Album:  Traprock Peace Center

Size: 35.92 Mb
Duration: 01:16:38
Bitrate: 64000

 File:  GamersCast - Nintendo E3 Conference Commentary.mp3
 Song:  Nintendo E3 Conference Commentary
 Artist:  GamersCast

Size: 5.99 Mb
Duration: 00:08:01
Bitrate: 102000

 File:  Garren Shipley - Attorney General Conference call on .mp3
 Song:  Attorney General Conference call on Operation Cold Play
 Artist:  Garren Shipley
 Album:  NoVa Daily Political Podcasts

Size: 5.65 Mb
Duration: 00:08:02
Genre: Concert Band
Bitrate: 96

 File:  English Country Settings (LaPlante) - Anchor Bay HS Wind Ensemble - Michigan Music Conference (2006) - 08.mp3
 Song:  English Country Settings (LaPlante)
 Artist:  Anchor Bay HS Wind Ensemble
 Album:  Michigan Music Conference (2006)

Size: 6.03 Mb
Duration: 00:12:52
Genre: Podcast
Bitrate: 64000

 File:  2008 - 03 - 23 - bonus.mp3
 Song:  Floyd Mayweather Conference Call
 Album:  AngryMarks.com Podcast Network

Size: 12.89 Mb
Duration: 00:18:20
Genre: Podcast
Bitrate: 96000

 File:  ryan estis shrm podcast.mp3
 Song:  The top 10 most in-demand jobs for 2010 did not exist in 2004 Ryan Estis, SHRM Annual Conference
 Artist:  Total Picture Radio with Peter Clayton
 Album:  Total Picture Radio with Peter Clayton

Size: 2.91 Mb
Duration: 00:03:06
Bitrate: 128000

 File:  XCP 53 Jian 2004.mp3
 Song:  Simmons University Chinese Poetry Conference
 Artist:  Yu Jian
 Album:  Cross-Cultural Poetics

Size: 9.98 Mb
Duration: 00:14:12
Genre: (12)Other
Bitrate: 96000

 File:  Doro - press Conference 2006 06 09.mp3
 Song:  press Conference 2006 06 09
 Artist:  Doro

Size: 10.22 Mb
Duration: 00:10:54
Genre: Other
Bitrate: 128 Kbps

 File:  Oz-Amos 02 Reading-from-memoir Amos-Oz-Conference 10-17-04.mp3
 Song:  media.sas.upenn.edu/writershouse/Amos Oz/Oz-Amos 02 Reading-from-memoir Amos-Oz-Conference 10-17-04.mp3

Size: 7.17 Mb
Duration: 00:05:06
Genre: Folk Rock
Bitrate: 192000

 File:  the-burning-hell-baby-09-the-berlin-Conference.mp3
 Song:  The Berlin Conference
 Artist:  The Burning Hell
 Album:  Baby

Size: 39.16 Mb
Duration: 01:23:33
Genre: User Group Report
Bitrate: 64

 File:  UGR526.mp3
 Song:  User Group Report #526 Adam and Tonya Engst of TidBITS, Scott Knaster on the Ad-Hoc/MacHack Conference and Mac News Braintrust with Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer
 Artist:  Chuck Joiner
 Album:  The User Group Report with Chuck Joiner

Size: 34.86 Mb
Duration: 00:37:11
Bitrate: 128000

 File:  this afternoon's Ocean's Thirteen press Conference.mp3

Size: 30.62 Mb
Duration: 00:43:33
Genre: Blues
Bitrate: 96

 File:  ua-rny-Conference-dave-ruch-11-17-2005.mp3
 Song:  Women in Song: Women in 19th Century Traditional Songs of New York State

Size: 1.75 Mb
Duration: 00:03:44
Genre: Podcast
Bitrate: 64000

 File:  room5 - Kids @ Conference.mp3
 Song:  Kids @ Conference
 Artist:  room5
 Album:  Room5's podcast

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