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Size: 3.42 Mb
Duration: 00:03:39
Genre: Other
Bitrate: 128

 File:  Instrumentals Kenny G - I Will Always Love You Smooth Jazz .mp3
 Song:  I Will Always Love You
 Artist:  Kenny G (Instrumentals)

Size: 2.57 Mb
Duration: 00:03:39
Genre: Classical
Bitrate: 96

 File:  Shostakovich, Dmitry - Jazz Suite No. 2- Waltz 2.mp3
 Song:  Jazz Suite No. 2: Waltz 2
 Artist:  Shostakovich, Dmitry
 Album:  The Jazz Album - Royal Concertgebouw

Size: 8.36 Mb
Duration: 00:03:34
Bitrate: 320000

 File:  Bette Midler - The Rose.mp3
 Song:  Bette Midler - The Rose
 Artist:  Various - Jazz, Blues, Funk
 Album:  Women & Songs Beginnings

Size: 6.59 Mb
Duration: 5min 4sec
Bitrate: 2008-07-22

 File:  Chicago Soundtrack - All That Jazz.mp3
 Song:  All That Jazz
 Artist:  Chicago Soundtrack

Size: 2.86 Mb
Duration: 00:03:03
Genre: Jazz
Bitrate: 128000

 File:  quizasquizasquizas.mp3
 Song:  Quisas Quisas Quisas
 Artist:  Jazz Jazz Jazz
 Album:  Jazz demo CD

Size: 1.86 Mb
Duration: 00:02:39
Genre: Pop Vocals
Bitrate: 96

 File:  Don't Be A Baby, Baby.mp3
 Song:  Jazz - Michael Buble - Don't Be A Baby, Baby
 Artist:  Michael Buble
 Album:  Dream - Grandfather Dedication

Size: 5.37 Mb
Duration: 00:03:49
Bitrate: 192

 File:  pink panther.mp3
 Song:  Jazz Piano Version
 Artist:  Pink Panther

Size: 3.65 Mb
Duration: 00:03:07
Genre: (8)
Bitrate: 160000

 File:  05 Jazz me blues.mp3
 Song:  Jazz Me Blues
 Artist:  Bix Beiderbecke
 Album:  At the Jazz Band Ball (Vol. 2)

Size: 4.94 Mb
Duration: 00:05:16
Genre: Other
Bitrate: 128

 File:  Smooth Jazz - Dave Koz - Pure Moods .mp3
 Song:  Pure Moods
 Artist:  Dave Koz

Size: 6.42 Mb
Duration: 00:04:34
Genre: Big Band
Bitrate: 192

 File:  CH-Jazz-Party.mp3
 Song:  Jazz Party
 Artist:  Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra
 Album:  Absolutely!

Size: 4.12 Mb
Duration: 00:03:31
Genre: Other
Bitrate: 160

 File:  MY DAY OFF.mp3
 Song:  Earl Klugh
 Artist:  guitar smooth Jazz instrumental

Size: 6.13 Mb
Duration: 00:05:14
Bitrate: 160000

 File:  03 full-house.mp3
 Song:  full-house
 Artist:  Jazz Off

Size: 60.98 Mb
Duration: 01:44:04
Bitrate: 80

 File:  Mandel-Howard Jazz-Beyond-Jazz Ars-Nova KWH-UPenn 01-31-2008.mp3
 Song:  Jazz Beyond Jazz, Ars Nova reading
 Artist:  Howard Mandel
 Album:  Jazz Beyond Jazz, Ars Nova, Kelly Writers House, UPenn; January 31, 2008

Size: 4.64 Mb
Duration: 00:04:57
Genre: Musical
Bitrate: 128

 File:  Chicago Soundtrack - All That Jazz.mp3
 Song:  All That Jazz
 Artist:  Chicago Soundtrack

Size: 0.62 Mb
Duration: 00:01:19
Bitrate: 64

 File:  UL1455A.mp3
 Song:  Dance 4 Life
 Artist:  TIESTO feat MAXI Jazz
 Album:  Dance 4 Life

Size: 4.08 Mb
Duration: 00:03:29
Genre: Blues
Bitrate: 160000

 File:  valeriy-tamara-i-live-celine-dion.mp3
 Song:  risingstars.com.ua/pictures/musicians/duos/pop-and-Jazz-duos/valeriy-tamara/valeriy-tamara-i-live-celine-dion.mp3

Size: 4.65 Mb
Duration: 00:03:51
Genre: Jazz
Bitrate: 165000

 File:  Jazz Message.mp3
 Song:  Jazz Message
 Artist:  Certified Organic Jazz Quartet
 Album:  Demo

Size: 7.95 Mb
Duration: 00:05:39
Genre: Ambient
Bitrate: 192000

 File:  Culture.mp3
 Song:  My Culture ft Maxi Jazz & Robbie Williams
 Artist:  1 Giant Leap
 Album:  1 Giant Leap

Size: 0.13 Mb
Duration: 00:01:04
Bitrate: 16

 File:  087.mp3
 Song:  Turn Back The Clock
 Artist:  Johnny Hates Jazz

Size: 3.69 Mb
Duration: 00:03:09
Genre: Jazz
Bitrate: 160000

 File:  heart-and-soul.mp3
 Song:  Heart And Soul
 Artist:  Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra
 Album:  Best Of CHJO

Size: 1.03 Mb
Duration: 00:01:06
Bitrate: 128000

 File:  01. Overture All That Jazz.mp3
 Song:  All That Jazz Finale
 Album:  Chicago - Music From The Motion Picture

Size: 4.22 Mb
Duration: 00:04:30
Genre: Jazz
Bitrate: 128

 File:  The Day of Daze.mp3
 Song:  Smooth Jazz sax
 Artist:  Candy Dulfer
 Album:  no title

Size: 4.16 Mb
Duration: 00:02:13
Genre: Jazz
Bitrate: 256000

 File:  NeverWouldHaveMadeIt.mp3
 Song:  Never Would Have Made It
 Artist:  Smooth Jazz Allstars
 Album:  Marvin Sapp Smooth Jazz Tribute

Size: 3.63 Mb
Duration: 00:02:35
Genre: Other
Bitrate: 192

 File:  Stone-Zadan-Alice in Wonderland-Excerpt.mp3
 Song:  Alice in Wonderland
 Artist:  Jazz Arts Studio
 Album:  Excerpts

Size: 4.08 Mb
Duration: 00:04:21
Genre: Jazz
Bitrate: 128

 File:  smooth Jazz - Roy Ayres.mp3
 Song:  Smooth Jazz
 Artist:  Roy Ayers
 Album:  Smooth Jazz

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