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AL CORLEY - Square Rooms.mp3


AL CORLEY - Square Rooms.mp3

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Song: Square Rooms
Duration: 00:01:29
Size: 1.04 Mb
Bitrate: 96000
Frequency: 32000
File Extension: .mp3
Domain: self.it

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Download: AL CORLEY - Square Rooms.mp3

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Possible lyrics for this song
Square Rooms lyrics

Thinking in square rooms
A human without illusions

Sad strains on a sad face
Is that what we've come to?

Is the world bold
This love old
Moving nowhere
And it's gonna cold.
The wind stops
The clouds go
We're all alone.
I know
I can see those.
I know
I can see those.
I can feel those
I can see those.

Ohl oh
Square rooms
Square rooms.
They don't listen
They don't care
If a man is in despair.
Square rooms
Square rooms. ...
Long and long clears the vision of one with one

And you still move me
You undo me like you've always done.
But I realize now we've not made you out of words now

Just you and me
Just you and me until the end of time.
I know
I can see those. . . .
Square rooms
Square rooms. ...
Square rooms
Square rooms. ...
Square rooms
Square rooms. ...

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Square Rooms mp3

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