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El DeBarge - Who's Johnny.mp3


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Song: Who's Johnny
Artist: El DeBarge
Album: Short Circuit
Duration: 00:04:04
Year: 1986
Size: 3.81 Mb
Bitrate: 128
Frequency: 44
File Extension: .mp3
Domain: filmovezvuky.fdb.cz

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Download: El DeBarge - Who's Johnny.mp3

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Possible lyrics for this song
There she goes and knows I'm dying
When she says, who is Johnny
Games with names that girl is playing
All she says is who is Johnny

I try to understand
Because I'm people too
And playing games is
Part of human nature
My heart's in overdrive
It's great to be alive

Who's Johnny, she said
And smiled in her special way
Johnny, she said
You know I love you
Who's Johnny, she said
And tried to look the other way
Her eyes gave her away

All right, whoa, oh, oh

She makes sure I see her teasing
Hear her say who is Johnny
There's no way to take this easy
Hear her say who is Johnny

I really couldn't help
But fall in love with her
Her being there has
Made my life worth living
I knew it from the start
That I would lose my heart


Still pretending

Who's Johnny, who's Johnny
Whoa, oh, oh, no, no
Who's Johnny, who's Johnny
No, no, no, no

Who's Johnny she said
And tried to look the other way
Her eyes gave her away

(Girls like her) are very special
(Girls like her) don't rest
Til you too are a believer
Til you too have caught their fever

(Who is Johnny)

There she goes and knows I'm dying
When she says who is, who, who is


Who's Johnny, who's Johnny
Who's Johnny, who's Johnny...

That girl's pretending
She can't remember my name

Who's Johnny, who's Johnny
Oh, I can't believe it
Who's Johnny, who's Johnny
I know this girl is only teasing

She walked away with someone else
And left me standing there, ohh

Who's Johnny, who's Johnny
Who's Johnny, who's Johnny...
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