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Song: Passion
Artist: Stream of Passion
Album: Embrace the Storm
Duration: 00:05:21
Size: 3.76 Mb
Genre: Other
Bitrate: 96000
File Extension: .mp3
Domain: bellinghamlan.com

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Possible lyrics for this song
A Part Of You lyrics

A Part Of You

Turn loose the demons
That control your ways;
Unleash your anger,
What are you waiting for.
Come on, my dear,
I can take the blow;
Blame it all on me,
What are you waiting for?

Feed on the years
Of unmeasured pain;
Burn every letter (oh, how we've done you wrong).
Connect the pieces of a master plan,
Blame me for every flaw,
What are you waiting for?
It's my fault; it's my own fault...

We loved till we could love no more,
We gave till we could give no more.

They brought the night,
They brought the reasons for you to drown (oh, how we've done you wrong).
They broke your name, you could not deny it;
Helpless child, how could they do you wrong?
Is it over?

El enemigo est en tu interior (the enemy is inside you)
A part of you I will never know.
You're fighting alone, all alone.

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