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Karen Young - Hot Shot.mp3


Karen Young - Hot Shot.mp3

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Song: Hot Shot
Artist: Karen Young
Album: Masters At Work 25th Anniversary Edition Mastermix CD1
Duration: 00:08:36
Size: 14.11 Mb
Genre: Disco
Bitrate: 224
Frequency: 44
File Extension: .mp3
Domain: www.alto.spb.ru

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Download: Karen Young - Hot Shot.mp3

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Possible lyrics for this song
Burn now and take me on
Bend down and move along
But I don't want to heart no more
I need a hot shot
Burning late at night
When turning on and feeling right
There ain't no man inside
I need a hot shot
Hot shot... hot shot
Uh... baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby
That man's feeling like being my soul
Come on and move it
You know, you never, never never
Gonna lose control
That guy is burning me
It's getting real hot
You know that I'm needing your shot
Burn now and moving freak
And the fervet feet
Then don't be out of my feel

I need a hot shot
Burn now with the proud
It won't feel you in crowd
And the music is loud
I need a hot shot... hot shot
Come on, come on, come on, come on
They've got to get a motion
Kind of emotion
You gotta move it
I know you never, you never, you never never
Gonna lose control
Feel like a fever
Yeah, yeah, yeah
That guy is burning me
It's getting real hot
You know that I'm needing your shot
I need a hot shot
Hot shot... hot shot

I need a hot shot
Now baby, give me, give me, give me, give me
My baby, my baby
Hot shot
Come on, don't you feel, don't you feel
Don't you feel, don't you feel
Baby, baby, baby
Sweet, sweet baby
Sweet, sweet baby
Sweet, sweet baby
Fire the stone and it's getting real hot
And I'm waiting and waiting for up the stairway
Babadam... babada... babadandom...
I feel
Like a fever
Ha... yeah... yeah...
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