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The Roots - Here I Come.mp3


The Roots - Here I Come.mp3

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Song: Here I Come
Artist: The Roots
Album: Game Theory
Duration: 00:04:14
Year: 2006
Size: 4.53 Mb
Genre: Hip Hop
Bitrate: 146000
Frequency: 44100
File Extension: .mp3
Domain: www.minneapolisfuckingrocks.com

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Download: The Roots - Here I Come.mp3

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Possible lyrics for this song
[Chorus 2X]
He said yeah
You better come out with your hands up
We got you surrounded
I'm in the back
Changin my outfit
He said blink
We gonna send the hounds in
I said wait
Cause here I come
Here I come
Here I come
You boys get ready
Cause here I come
Here I come
Here I come

I'm soul brother one hunted
How much charisma
Could another one stomach
If I be the prisoner then I wasn't more cunning
Or wise
If I come outside I'm not running
Stone lone wolf of the pack
The unwanted
I really got nothin to hide
I'm bout cuttin
Go out in a blaze
Wouldn't pop one button
I'm a murk half hurt leave the cop dogs huntin
The pretty black one in the group
The smooth villain under fire
Cause I'm pennin the words that move millions
Slide right in front of your eyes true brilliance
It's a new bad boy on the rise
Who feelin it
New true skill in it
Y'all the roots still in it
Ready plus willin it's all the true killer shit
You know we got them
We too diligent
They say the music is strong and too militant


Black Inc raw life
In this whatumacallit
Weed smokin junkie alcoholic
One foot in the grave
One foot in the toilet
Still I'm onstage
In front of an audience
Disturbing the peace
And the local ordinance
My eta
I'll arrive by morning
Money long like the arms on Alonzo Mourning
Vampire chicks suck blood
Dusk to dawnin
Waitin to catch me sleep
But I'm not yawnin
They in the vip
At the garden
They gon jump me
When I stop performing
I got something for them
Behind the organ
I always roll deep
With my squadron
The sheriff out front
Gonna sic the dogs in
That nigger talkin bout he got warrants


I'm in the darkness
Fuck you regardless
Move with hardness
Y'all just pressin charges
It's often injury
Floss and force my entry
This peninitentiary
Knockin niggers for centuries
It's elementary
Like KRS and evidently
They all stress
I'm lawless
That's my problem
And never solve them
Chill in Harlem
Bang you
Bring you stardom
You full of boredom
Bastard you been aborted
Bring your neck out
Bring the tech out
Absorb it
See you check out
And then step out
The orbit
Blow your flesh out
Till I'm fressh out my torment
Street apostle
Pop shit
Preach the Gospel
Still I'm hostile
Sippin a duece When possible
Turn into a monster
Gimme the Oscar
Hit you like vodka
Then screech off in a Mazda

[Chorus 2X]


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