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Sonny James - Little Bit South of Saskatoon.mp3


Sonny James - Little Bit South of Saskatoon.mp3

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Song: Little Bit South of Saskatoon
Artist: Sonny James
Duration: 00:02:44
Size: 2.56 Mb
Genre: Country
Bitrate: 128000
Frequency: 44100
File Extension: .mp3
Domain: hankus1.com

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Download: Sonny James - Little Bit South of Saskatoon.mp3

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Possible lyrics for this song
Just a little bit south of Saskatoon
Pick my guitar for board and room
Met a little girl, her name was June
A little bit south of Saskatoon

Me and Junny-Mae we got on fine
Till I had to move further down the line
Promised that girl I'd be back soon
A little bit south of Saskatoon

Went up to Nome to see the sights
Had a yen to watch the northern lights
But I had my mind on my sweet June
A little bit south of Saskatoon

So I caught a freight and headed back
Following down that railroad track
Kept a thinkin' of my honeymoon
A little bit south of Saskatoon

Me and Junny-Mae got a little house
Got a piece of ground and a few milk cows
We're gonna get a youngin' soon
A little bit south of Saskatoon

In the winter time when we can't farm
Me and Junny-Mae sit arm in arm
By a big ole fire and honeymoon
A little bit south of Saskatoon

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