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Daniel Boone - Beautiful Sunday.mp3


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Song: Beautiful Sunday
Artist: Daniel Boone
Album: One Hit Wonders
Duration: 00:02:52
Year: 1999
Size: 4.03 Mb
Genre: Pop
Bitrate: 192
Frequency: 44
File Extension: .mp3
Domain: music.tonnel.ru

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Possible lyrics for this song
Beautiful Sunday lyrics

Sunday morning, up with the lark
I think I'll take a walk in the park
Hey, hey, hey, it's a beautiful day
I've got someone waiting for me
And when I see her I know that she'll say
Hey, hey, hey, it's a beautiful day

Ha, ha, ha, beautiful Sunday
This is my, my, my, beautiful day
When you said, said, said, said that you loved me
Oh my, my, my, it's a beautiful day

Birds are singing, you by my side
Lets take a car and go for a ride
Hey, hey, hey, it's a beautiful day
We'll drive on and follow the sun
Making Sunday go on and on
Hey, hey, hey, it's a beautiful day

-chorus x 3-

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