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Ray Charles - Mess Around.mp3


Ray Charles - Mess Around.mp3

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Song: Mess Around
Artist: Ray Charles
Album: Atlantic 999; wr. A. Nugetre
Duration: 00:02:42
Year: 1953
Size: 1.9 Mb
Bitrate: 96000
Frequency: 44100
File Extension: .mp3
Domain: philxmilstein.com

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Possible lyrics for this song
Now there's a dance I can see that the kids all do
It's called, 'The Mess Around', you can mess around too
Come on mess around, yeah, it's Mess Around
You do 'The Mess Around', everybody do 'The Mess Around'

Now you see that chick with that diamond ring
She knows how to shake that thing
She can mess around, yeah, she can mess around
She do 'The Mess Around', everybody do 'The Mess Around'

Come on baby, let's mess child, yeah
Ah it's nice, baby, come on!

Now there's a dance that Ray Charles revived
You can do it, it will keep you alive
He does 'The Mess Around', yeah, he does 'The Mess Around'
Come on and mess around, everybody do 'The Mess Around'

Now you see that gal with the red dress on
She'll do the rock and roll, baby, all night long
That's 'The Mess Around', yes it's 'Mess Around'
You do 'The Mess Around', everybody do 'The Mess Around'

Oh, come on and mess baby, yeah you can mess, baby
Oh, now you can mess around, yeah, yeah, you can mess around
Live down, live down to 'The Mess Around'
Everybody do 'The Mess Around'

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