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Akon - Mr.Lonely.mp3


Akon - Mr.Lonely.mp3

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Song: Mr.Lonely
Artist: Akon
Album: Trouble
Duration: 00:03:58
Year: 2004
Size: 5.58 Mb
Genre: (14)
Bitrate: 192000
Frequency: 44100
File Extension: .mp3
Domain: fredeeky.typepad.com

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Download: Akon - Mr.Lonely.mp3

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Possible lyrics for this song
Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely
I have nobody for my own
I’m so lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely
I have nobody for my own, I’m so lonely

Y'all, this one here, goes out to all my players out there, man
Ya know they got that one good girl, dawg
That’s always been there man, like took all the bullshit
Then one day she can’t take it no more and decided to leave

Yeah, I woke up in the middle of the night
And I noticed my girl wasn't by my side
Coulda sworn I was dreamin', for her I was fiennin'
So I had to take a little ride

Back tracking on these few years
Tryin' figure out what I did to make it go bad
My whole life can crash in a moment, I’m so

I’m Mr. Lonely
I have nobody
For my own

I’m so lonely
I’m Mr. Lonely
I have nobody
To call my own
I’m so lonely

Can't believe I had a girl like you
And I just let you walk right outta my life
After all I put you through
You still stucked around and stayed by my side

What really hurt me is I broke your heart, baby
You were good girl and I had no right
I really wanna make things right

I’m Mr. Lonely
I have nobody
To call my own

I’m so lonely
I’m Mr. Lonely
I have nobody
To call my own
I’m so lonely

Been all about the world, ain't never met a girl
That can take the things that you've been through
Never thought the day would come where you'd get up and run
And I would be out chasing you

Ain't no one in the globe I’d rather see
Than the girl of my dreams that made me be
So happy but now so lonely

I’m Mr. Lonely
I have nobody
To call my own

I’m so lonely
I’m Mr. Lonely
I have nobody
To call my own
I’m so lonely

Never thought that I would be alone
I didn't think you'd be gone this long
I just want you to call my phone
So stop playing girl and come on home

Baby girl I didn't mean to shout
I want me and you to work it out
I never wished to ever hurt my baby
And it’s drivin' me crazy 'cause I'm so

I’m Mr. Lonely
I have nobody
To call my own

I’m so lonely
I’m Mr. Lonely
I have nobody
To call my own
I’m so lonely

So lonely
So lonely
Mr. Lonely
So lonely

So lonely
So lonely
So lonely
Mr. Lonely
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